May 23, 2012

How To Have A Happy Long-term Relationship With Your Asian Girl

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In the first period of dating Asian girls online, how to keep and have a happy long-term relationship with Asian girl for western men? In real life, there are many things that have great influence upon love and marriage such as time, loneliness and temptation. Long separation is a test of love. If you are dating your dream Asian bride overseas at Asian dating site, how can you keep the happy relationship? How can you keep love lasting?


Asian girls from iDateAsia

Asian girls from iDateAsia


Be concerned about your dream Asian girl.

What lovers need is care and attention about life and work. It is especially true in the case of the lovers living far apart. The care and thoughtful words in calls or e-mails, actions and gifts now and then can bring much warmth and moving feelings to your girl in a distant place. Those things become the god of the love between you and her.

Be the guardian of the love between you and your dream Asian bride

The long-distance relationship calls for the efforts from both lovers. Both of you should hold responsibility for and protect the true love. So tolerance and thoughtful heart are needed. You can visit your girlfriend every now and then. Spend some time or finish something together. It is very meaningful and helpful for your relationship. The visit can bring romance and warmth to your love and it is the best lubricant of love.

Strive together with you Asian girl

For lovers living far away from each other, this is the most important principle. The patience of human being is limited but time flies. The Long-distance relationship is temporary. How does it last? How can you change it? Therefore, work hard together for better and happier life.

Respect your Asian bride.

When dating Asian girls online, respect her decisions and opinions. Once she chooses to give up the relationship with you, you should know that she has the right to choose whether to keep the relationship or not.

Be faithful to your Asian girl

In the long-distance relationship, aithfulness and trust is the basis of love and marriage. It symbolizes the recognition and responsilities to the feelings and love. On the one hand, she asks trust from you. On the other hand, what you do and say should be worthy of her trust. When there is a problem in your relationship, if you don’t trust each other, all things that influence your relationship come. However, with trust and faithfulness, there are fewer difficuties in love, dating and marriage.

How to have a happy long-term relationship with your Asian girl? Follow the above tips in Asian dating and best wishes for you and your girl.


April 5, 2012

Thai Spices And Eating Habits

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As a tropical country located at the centre of the Indochina peninsula in Southeast Asia, Thailand abounds with seafood, rice, vegetables, coconuts and sugarcanes. Greatly owing to its rich and fresh raw materials, Thai food is internationally famous as Thai girls. It pays much attention to the flavouring substances and most of them are peculiar to Southeast Asia and Thailand. The most common and typical flavouring substances are Kaffir Lime, fish sauce, Kanthari chilli and curry paste.

Thai girls and Thai culture

Thai food

Kaffir lime is a lime native to India, Laos, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and some neighboring countries. It is a small, rough green fruit with rich bouquet, which can be used to make drinks and mainly used in the Southeast Asian cuisine. Thailand women like to squeeze some Kaffir lime into almost each Thai dish in order to make the food smell better with rich fragrance of lime.

Thai girls and Thai culture

Kaffir lime, the Thai lemon

Fish sauce, is a kind of spice similar to soy sauce, but is made with fermentation of fish, shrimp instead of soys.
Kanthari chilli, is commonly known as Thai pepper or Bird’s Eye Chilli. It is smaller than other kinds of peppers but much spicier. And it’s usually used in Thai dishes, so most Thai food tastes spicy.    
Curry paste, with coconut milk as the basic condiment, is made from lots of substances, such as Cymbopogon citratus or lemon grass, shrimp paste, fish sauce and various peppers.

Thai girls and Thai culture

Making Thai Curry Paste

As for the eating habits, the hot Asian girls from Thailand love hot and spicy food. They love to add fish sauce and gourmet powder into cuisines. Fish, shrimp, chicken and egg are leading food at their table, which can be cooked in many kinds of methods like frying in shallow oil or in deep oil, stewing and grilling. Hot and sour soup is one of the famous Thai cuisines. Because quite a few curries are added into it, the soup tastes very spicy and is not that suitable for the foreigners, especially those who do not eat peppers. Meanwhile, the soup is believed to do good to the relationship of couples and keep families in harmony. Besides, they like to drink tea, but most of them like to put some ice into the tea, which is related a lot to its hot weather. After the meals, they would enjoy some fruits. Their favourites are orange, grape, banana, mango, pineapple, lichee, longan and pear. The interesting part is that they get used to dipping some salt or pepper on the fruits when eating watermelons and pineapples.

Thai girls and Thai culture

Eating fruits after dinner

There are a lot Thai cuisines not mentioned here because it’s too many. But if you are really interested in what I mention and enjoy Thai food, you should find a Asian bride and let her cook for you!

Thai girls and Thai culture

Thai girls for marriage