December 31, 2011

Online Dating Sites, the Modern Choices of the World Singles

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Thanks to the assistance of Internet, a new form of dating has been generated, namely, online dating. Different from traditional dating method, online dating is convenient, time-saving and effective in finding a perfect matcher. Catering to different needs,online dating sites are divided into different types. comprehensively speaking,there comes the international dating site which contains members across the world. Such kind of dating platform does bring the world people together. To be specific, there are Thai dating site, Vietnamese dating, Chinese dating site, Russian dating, etc. These sites are particularly created for the specific groups. Let’s see one by one below.

International Online Dating Site, Bringing the World Together

It is the most popular and widely used dating method in modern society, containing female members from different countries. Most men like to sign up this kind of dating platforms since they have more ladies to choose. Besides, different cultures, tradition and relief evoke their curiosity, so as to become members. Seen from a world perspective, international online dating brings the world people together.


Chinese Dating Site, Offering One A Good Opportunity to Touch Oriental Beauty.

Chinese women are beautiful, smart and tender, which explains why Chinese ladies are so prevail in the dating market. A large number of western men want to find a Chinese wife. Aiming to meet the mass needs, Chinese dating sites are created. What is known to the global people is Chnove, the sister site of iDateAsia. I cannot 100% assure that our Chinese dating site is the best; however, we’re trying our best to be the top1. The large number of success stories are the best testaments.


Thai and Vietnamese Dating Sites, the Best Entry to Find a Quality Thai or Vietnamese Wife

Due to the far distance, language and cultural difference, it is really hard to find a Thai or Vietnamese wife via traditional dating method. However, Thai or Vietnamese dating sites help you easily to realize your dream.Whatever kind of Thai or Vietnamese woman you’re looking for, you tend to find one on Thai or Vietnamese dating site. To remove the choosing limitation, iDateAsia trusses up Thai, Vietnamese and Taiwan ladies. If you want to find one of these ladies, iDateAsia could be the best option. It  offers the western singles different kinds of Asian beauties. Well, there are also other nice Thai or Vietnamese dating sites. You can search them out via Google Search Nar.

Russian Dating Sites, Introducing the Russian girls of top beauty and sexiness.

If you ask the men that what kind of women are most beautiful and sexy, they will give you the definite answer in correspondency. I do agree that Russian women are within the top beauties since they’re so pretty, sexy, open-minded and optimistic. They perfectly know that how to bring fun to men. We do have a branched dating site which is especially created for the singles who want to find a Russian dater. It’s Charmingdate. We have diverse kinds of Russian female members. Whatever type you’re looking for, you tend to find one here. Besides, those Russian ladies on Charmingdate are really people, just like us, who care the feeling of their dating partners. Actually, all of our sites cover the real women, waiting to meet their Mr. Rights.

Whatever dating site you will finally choose to start your romantic love trip, but first of all, you should confirm what kind of women you are really fond of.

December 22, 2011

How do Chinese People Celebrate Christmas

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Santa Claus brings happiness with kinds of Christmas gifts!

There are only three days left before the arrival of 2011 Christmas Day. It is know to all that Christmas is the most important festival for the western people. For Chinese people, it doesn’t matter so much; however, they also celebrate it, for fun. After all, how do Chinese people celebrate the holy Christmas? It depends on who to celebrate it.

Western people take Christmas celebration serious. Just like what we do to Spring Festival, western people get down to preparing the celebrating details ahead of one month. They’re busy selecting Christmas gifts for the family members as well as friends or colleagues. Besides, they’re thinking of how to decorate the Christmas tree with ornaments to make creative and special. However, Christmas celebration is not that particular, depending on different people and their mood as well.

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For Chinese lovers, Christmas Day also means a lot since it’s a good day for dating or love expressing. Most lovers usually choose Christmas Eve for celebration. At Christmas Eve, the lovers make appointment to make a romantic date at the Hilarious places. Usually, the large-scaled shopping malls are their prior selections because these places are full of Christmas atmosphere with crowded people and kinds of Christmas ornaments, making one perfectly feel the joy of Christmas.

What a gay Christmas atmosphere!

For the singles, they usually choose to celebrate this day with friends or colleagues. They may go shopping, make a feast or make an appointment to watch movie. That which one to choose is up to their needs and hobbies. Well, it’s definitely OK to go through all of them because it’s my style to celebrate Christmas. I usually make a feast with friends first, then go shopping, and finally go to the cinema. Without lovers, the singles can also have a gay and meaningful Christmas!

Christmas party recalls my memory of college life.

For the students, no matter high school or college, they usually to celebrate Christmas Day with classmates and teachers. Normally speaking, a Christmas party will be organized with the classroom or meeting room beautifully decorated by gift boxes, Christmas tree as well as the related ornaments, and colorful balloons. Christmas party shows and games are the must parts. Usually, Christmas party is organized by foreign teachers since this day is really important to them.

Delicious Christmas Cake

For the elders, they treat Christmas a normal day. If there is nothing special, they stay at home and watch TV with husbands and wives, or other family members. If coming across a cold weather, they choose to go to bed early

After my introduction, you should perfectly know that how Chinese people celebrate Christmas Holiday. Since 2011 Christmas is arriving, have you got well-prepared? If you’re a single with no interest to do anything, and just want to find a girl to start a romantic relationship, who not sign up iDateAsia, to meet the Asian girl of your style?

December 17, 2011

To Meet Your Asian Girl Face to Face-Cupid Date Newly Released

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This is really good news for the male members of iDateAsia-Cupid Date is launched!!! It is a face-to-face dating assistance service helping members who intend to further develop a relationship to acquire a better mutual understanding. Via the help of this service, you can better estimate your compatibility with the girl you date online, and then you can decide whether she is the right one for you or not. You should know that meeting the girl face to face is the best way to completely understand her. Then, How to make a Cupid Date with your dreamed lady at iDateAsia? Go on reading to capture more details.

Generally speaking, there are three steps to go.

First of all, make a request.

If you want to see the lady who you have already been exchanging EMF Mails and you want to further develop the relationship, go to her profile and click the “Meet Me” button to fill in the “Date Request” form, and then submit to invite her for a Cupid Date.  To ensure the safety, you are required to complete the IMBRA personal disclosure.

Secondly, confirm time

Based on your request, the corresponding agency would directly forward the message to the lady, along with you IMBRA personal disclosure. If the Asian girl  considers the arrangement OK, she will confirm directly. If anything contradictive to her schedule, she will write back via EMF Mails with the exact problem and her suggestion. Well, the lady deserves the right to decline your invitation.

Thirdly, meet up

Once both of you confirm the details no problem, then this Cupid Date is made. The only thing to concern is to show up on time. To be a gentleman and don’t let your lady awaiting too long.

About the Cost

The cost for the new service is $139, including arranging the date with the lady and 1.5-hour translation service. It will be charged when you send out the request, via Credit Card. It’s convenient and safe. All your payment information would be kept highly confidential. If your request is rejected by the lady or the lady does not show up at the scheduled time, your money will be full refunded. However, if the problem is caused by you, you can’t get a full refund from us.

For more details and notices, just log in to see this new service-Cupid Date.

December 13, 2011

Open Your Mind to Asian Culture and Tradition

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There goes a saying-If you love a girl, then love her dogs. Similarly, if you want to date an Asian lady, you must be acquainted about Asian culture and tradition, so as to set the ball rolling with common interest. In the successive context, I will introduce you the most significant festivals and traditions of some Asian countries.

Part I: Asian Cultures
1) Chinese Spring Festival
It is the most important festival for Chinese people. Actually, it celebrates the first day of the Chinese Lunar Calendar since that day is the start of the whole year and people want to get luck from the very beginning. On the eve of spring festival, the whole family would gather together to enjoy a good dinner and then wait for the coming of a brand-new day. On that special day, children put on new clothes and people bless for each other. Fireworks and firecrackers would be let off to live up the atmosphere. In a word, New Year Day is combined of hope, happiness and luck. And the year is usually named after one of the 12 animals of the Chinese Zodiac.

Since Chinese Spring Festival is that important, you should at least learn some blessing words which can be used to leave a good impression, making your date with Chinese girl much smoother. Below come some that are frequently used.

2) Songkran in Thailand

Songkran is celebrated on yearly April 13, which is considered the richest nationality characteristic festival. It generally lasts 3-7 days in the hottest weather in Thailand. On that day, people sprinkle water to each other for goodwill. With a legendary history, Songkran has been an attractive tourism activity for the travelers. If you have made up your mind to find a Thai wife, you should bear this important day in mind and get ready to be wholly wet.

3) Holi in India

Holi Day towards Indian people is like Spring Festival towards Chinese people. The Indians celebrate it for two days via dropping powdered colors fro m the rooftop, drenching each other with ballons filled with colored water and having huge feasts. To find the root, Holi is held to celebrate the defeat of the mythical creature, Holika. Then, a big bonfire would be set up to help clear the leaves and twigs of the just-past autumn.

Part II: Asian Traditions

1) Buddhism

As one of the predominant religions, Buddhism has deeply rooted in the heart of Asian people, with a long history of 2500 years. It was first established in India, in response to the life and teaching of Gautama Siddhartha titled “Buddha”.

2) Tea

Tea is a main tradition for many Asian countries, such as China, India, Malaysia and so on. Having tea is a great knowledge and each Asian country has its own style. You should know that tea ceremony is very particular. If you want to completely know it, it is not an easy task.

3) Origami

Origami is enjoying a great popularity in Japan; however, it is said to be originated in China in the first century AD. Japanese people usually fold crane for praying since crane is regarded as a sacred animal. It is said that if you fold 1,000 paper cranes, your wish will come true. Why not have a try?

December 6, 2011

Transnational Relationship-How to Make It Work

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Is she your ideal Thai wife? If yes, sign up to meet her.

In people’s stereotyped point of view, only the two of the same nationality should get married. This tradition even gets deeper root in China. That’s to say, the man and woman from different countries are hard to get together. As the society develops, Chinese people begin to open their eyes to western countries, and are attracted by the friendly people outside, their strong culture as well as the beautiful scenes. When two people from different countries get together, the magnetic field between them are extended larger and larger. However, a long-distance relationship is really hard to maintain, let alone a transnational one. Then, what to do if you’ve got tired of dating a national girl and want to find a foreign wife? How to maintain a cross-cultural relationship once you have started a romantic relationship with a foreign girl?

Thanks to online dating sites! They do help people a lot in finding a foreign partner by offering convenient and funny services.

With the motif to help western men quickly and effectively find their Asian wives, iDateAsia comes various kinds of dating services, such as EMF Mail Correspondence, Live Chat, Love Call and Cupid Note & Admirer Letter for free usage. These services greatly shorten the distance between two nations. Distance is no longer a problem!

EMF Mail Correspondence
It’s a frequently-used and effective way to communicate with ladies. Once you find the ideal lady on iDateAsia and want a further acknowledge about her, then you can send her an EMF Mail, to ask for the details that you want to know. Each just costs 1 credit. A certain male members may ask: ” Why not make it a free service?”. Well, we got some consideration. First of all, paid service can help to prove yourself to the ladies that you’re really serious about starting a relationship with her. Since no one would easily sends out an EMF Mail since it costs money. In that case, it greatly increase the success rate. Please note that the credit would only be deduced when the male member takes initiative to send out the first EMF Mail. After a period of communication when you found the girl is not your fitness, you can stop send EMF Mail out,and told you lady what you think. Once you found the lady still continue sending back mails after notice, and make your credit in successive deduction, you can drag her to the Block List.

Live Chat
It is an instant communication method with the ladies, just like the Skype Chat or QQ. You can deliver your thought and let her know in a minute. It’s an amazing experience to use Live Chat to talk with your girl. It’s cheap for usage, only 0.5 credit for every 5 minutes.

Love Call
Suppose you want to hear the voice of your lady. Well, send her an invitation for a Love Call. The fee for this service is divided into two parts, respectively referring to Reservation Fee and Airtime Charge, 1 credit for a request confirmation and 1 credit for every minute.

Cupid Note and Admirer Letter
They’re respectively used by men and women to show the interest to their ideal partners. They’re totally free with cute pattern in a card format.

Please note that all the services are processed based on a three-way communication. Once either man or woman find a difficulty in the interaction because of language obstacle, the professional translators from the cooperated agency will stretch a hand for help, to ensure the whole date going smoothly.