March 21, 2012

To See the Uniqueness of Thai Culture

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Thailand is a marvelous place with beautiful landscapes and unique culture, attracting thousands of visitors every year. And pretty Thai girls are one of the main attractions. Many western single men fly to Thailand, especially Pattaya and Phuket, with the purpose to come across their dreamed Thailand women. Then, how to catch the attention of Thai girls? Taking initiative to know about Thai culture is the must since Thai ladies always hold a good feeling towards those guys who perfectly know their culture and custom. In the proceeding paragraphs, I am about to introduce you the unique Thai culture from diverse perspectives.

First of all, let’s get close to the Thai culture in Bangkok.

Bangkok in Thailand

Bangkok, the main city of Thailand.

It is publicly known that Bangkok is the main city of Thailand and it used to be the Thai capital. That’s to say, this place has a lot to observe. The main feature of Bangkok refers to the Thai Buddhist temples, interesting museums and many example of ancient Thai architecture. Every time when you are standing in front of these buildings, you can not help sighing their beauties. These symbolic architectures converge the wisdom of Thai people. These places are something that you’re reluctant to miss, or you’ll regret.

Secondly, we drop an eye on Thai classical dance.

Thai Classical Dance

Thai Classical Dance, the most inspiring culture in Thailand.

Thailand covers various kinds of cultures, including its deep-rooted Buddhist religion, martial arts, exquisite crafts as well as beautiful Thai clothing. However, the most inspiring Thai culture should be the inspiring local music and wonderful Thai dances, performed by gracious Thai girls dressing in beautiful Thai local costumes. The classical dance is also the must-have experience for the global visitors to Thailand. Even in modern society, these distinctive Thai dances still prevails among the younger generations. Many resort areas and hotels frequently show this special culture to foreign visitors.

Thirdly, let’s focus on Thai greeting.

Thai wai

Thai Wai, the distinctive greeting across the world.

If you want to quickly and effectively reach your dreamed Thailand girl, you must take priority to know the customized Thai greeting. As one of the greatest aspects of Thai culture, the Wai uses the unique Thai gesture to greet another person-Join both hands to either head or chest level while bending their head slightly towards their hands.

Such a way of greeting is particularly done when a younger person greets an elder. It is a sign of respect. Besides, the Wai is used by the employees to show greetings to the superior or manager even though the superior or manager is younger than them. In Thailand, seniority of the other person needs to be respected.

March 13, 2012

Dancing In Thailand

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Are you a dancing lover? The Thai girls are! Most girls in this country have a lively fancy to dance. They love to move bodies happily and enjoyably to the music. In Thai, the traditional dance can be mainly divided into tow types, the classical dancing and folk dancing, both of which are popular with the tourists having leisure time in Thai.

Thai classical dancing originated from a kind of religion dancing of the south India about three hundred years ago, which can be always seen in religious occasions or some great ceremonies. It is subtle and complicated with every step indicating some special meaning. The female dancers are required to dress in special costumes that are made of soft Thai silks with some bling-bling and the “hat” they wearing is like a golden pagoda reflecting religious belief. Besides the performers should wear no shoes on. The music is slow and rhythmical. Hands play very important role in the dance, expressing different meaning by hand movements. For example, show love with two hands crossing before chest and express outrageousness with a forefinger pointing to the ground. The beautiful Asian women dancers are also a great part of the show to be appreciated. They move slowly and softly and look at you with a shy and charming smile.

Khon dancing in Thailand

Khon Dancing


Lacorn Dancing in Thailand

Lacorn Dancing

There are two famous classical dances. One is named Khon. Dancers should wear different masks and costumes to identify status or positions. The other is called Lacorn, in which dancers have no need to cover their faces up.

Thai folk dancing is also loved by many Thailand women. And its performance forms are richer and variable, which include dancing for wedding, dancing for harvest, dancing for blessing and farmer’s dancing. In the Thai wedding party, the host would like to invite the local dancing group to entertain guests and enliven the happy atmosphere. Farmer’s dancing chiefly represents how the Thai women worked in land in the old time.Then during the harvest season, people will get together dancing to share the happiness for great ingathering of the year. Dancing for blessing happens in the end of a party or get-together, everybody joining in, twirling and waving hands joyfully.

So you can see how Thai people love dance! They show their love, sadness, happiness, religion and life in dancing. If you get the chance to travel in Thailand, do remember to have a look at these beautiful and characteristic dances. Also, you can make some Thai friends and learn dancing from them if you really feel interested in Thai dance.

March 3, 2012

More Asian Women Tend to Marry Foreigners

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Asian women from iDateAsia

Marry Thai women to live a more happy and healthy life!

More and More Asian ladies prefer to marry a foreigner, especially the Thai and Vietnamese girls and women in China. Why do these Asian women like to seek a foreign husband? There are some reasons causing this phenomenon.

First of all, they’re disappointed at the men in their country. Let’s take Thailand for an example. The portion between men and women in Thailand loses the balance, and the quantity of female is much more than that of men. So Thai men can easily get a wife while Thai women are difficult to find a husband. However, most Thai men would not satisfy with his wife. The family violence always happen in Thailand and husband are inclined to have affairs with other women. All of these hurts the feeling of the Asian women for marriage, so they turn to foreign countries for a better and healthy marriage.

Secondly, Asian women get higher education and become more independent. Though many Asian countries are still developing, the living situation and the civilization are increasing. Most of the women in Thailand and Vietnam are undergraduates, and some are even masters. These well- educated women have a strong sense of independence. They play an important role in the companies as well as men, act good at socialization and live a pretty cozy life by her own income. They seem to have everything. But they are women, they need love and respect, which quite a few men of the their country don’t know how to show, that’s another reason for why Asian women tend to marry foreigners.

Thirdly, people become open-mined and the culture differences narrow down. The development of technology and informatization is rapid, the culture, custom and traditions are propagated and  spreaded to every corner of the world via movies, music and other medium and become known to more people. Therefore, marriage with foreigners become much more acceptable rather than the strange.On such a condition, internet dating service grows up. This dating method is believed to be the best and the most effective way to meet a guy outside the Asian countries.

The last but not the least, gentleness and romance of foreigners are attractive. Believe it or not, no female in the whole dislike being treated gently or refusing romance. And most foreigners from western countries are positive, open, nice and romantic. They seem to know more about how to treat women well and give what they want. Women can feel safe and happy with them.