Is A Scam? is an International dating site. It came up in the Internet world in 2004 as a sister website of, another top Chinese dating site in Asia (read more iDateAsia Reviews). This site is committed to providing a reliable, easy-operating dating platform for western men and Asian women ( mainly Thai girls and Vietnamese women). Since online dating business is booming and gets competing, it’s hard for to stay away from rumors and imputations. In order to protect our members from being confused or misguided by these so-called “iDateAsia Scams”, we think it’s really essential to tell the truths and break down the rumors.
Here we pick out two big ” SCAMS” that doubt the reliability and credit of

iDateAsia Scam 1: Girls on This Thai Dating Site Are Fake.

Rejection! Like what’s pointed in our Anti-Scam Protection Policy, the success of “comes from our firm commitment to take precautionary and remedial measures against potential harmful activities.” We allow no deceptive actions on the site and her / his profile will be suspected or banished forever if she / he breaks dating rules ( e.g. spreading porn information) or gets reported for bad actions on the dating platform. And this policy also expresses clearly on terms and regulations that lady members should comply with. Since we have such rules and strong determination on fighting against scams and offering a stable, trusted platform to our members, why do these scams get their chance to attack
First, it’s because of the negligence and carelessness of local matchmaking agencies. All profiles of the lady members are selected, examined and verified by the dating agencies in the first round, which should be strictly in accordance with terms and rules on And then our business department will recheck relative materials from agencies ( such as ID copies), making sure that everything goes well without breaking any rules on this site. However, during the process of sorting out the large amount of profiles, some agencies might mix up the ladies photos and other informations unconsciously, carelessly. Of course, some agencies may deliberately send us fake profiles in order to get more money from So if you find these bad action, you’re strongly recommended to report them to our customer department.
Second, it’s caused by misunderstanding. Some male members required to see the ladies after a short term of communication, but unfortunately were refused. Or a few of our lady members left our site after several weeks of EMF with male members, making him feel played by these Asian girls. But the truth is that these girls also signed up on other sites and probably met their guys there. We promise to offer a reliable and stable platform for communication but can not control people’s willing – choose who to date or marry.

iDateAsia Scam 2: It Censors All Correspondence.

Disagreed! One of services is called EMF Mail Correspondence, which allows male members meet Thai women or Vietnamese girls on our site via emails. Since this is an cross-cultural dating site for western men and Asian women for marriage, translating service is required. The correspondences from male members are firstly translated into Thai, Vietnamese or other Asian languages automatically by our system before transferred to ladies. And these ladies may ask their friends or agencies to help them express their own feeling and meaning in English to their potential boyfriends or husbands. So this is not ” CENSOR”!
No matter in the past, present or the future, never and ever allows frauds or scams. We’ll keep trying our best to fight against all these bad actions in future. Meanwhile, we’ll appreciate your generous suggestion or advice.

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  1. The same goes for Chinese girls, they also
    want to go for western men and date with them. Some dating
    sites in UK provide totally free service to members so you don’t pay a cent. I know now that every time the clock goes past midday she pokes her head around the corner of the kitchen area where I work and tell me I’m hungry.

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