November 30, 2011

What Christmas Gifts to Choose for Your Lady? -Here Comes the Guide

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As everyone knows, Christmas is a grand festival for the western people, whose importance equals to Chinese Spring Festival. Based on the tradition, people need to send gifts to family members as well as friends, to express the love and thanks. Early one month before the arrival of Christmas Day, people get down to preparing what to send. Since then, have you all gentlemen decided what Christmas Gifts to send to your Asian ladies who you met in iDateAsia? If not, below comes a guidance for you.

Take Chance to Prove Your Romantic Nature!

Send Her Real Flowers

You should know that it is the instinct of women to love romance. And receiving a bundle of beautiful flowers is what they consider the basic romance. They feel proud and glorious when they receive the flower bundles from their love men. To send a bundle of flowers just costs several pennies, not expensive, however, it does works to warm up the relationship between you and the lady. Real flowers offered at iDateAsia are sent by our cooperative florists nearest to the lady. As only as you take priority to place the order 7 days earlier before Christmas, the lady should be able to receive the flowers on time.

Elegant Gifts For Her

Send Her Fashion Accessories

Compared with the beautiful flowers, fashion accessories like elegant necklaces earrings and bracelets are much more practical. It is known to all that these accessories are deadly love by Asian girls since they are considered fashion icons to upgrade the daily beauty. Most fashion accessories at iDateAsia are crafted from silver, top-class crystal and gemstones, long-lasting for everyday usage. The point is that they come with a reasonable unit price. Some are even cheaper than flower bundles. Such kinds of gifts are seemingly much selectable, aren’t they? However if you can send the flower bundles and fashion accessories at the same time, that would be the best.

Smelly Perfume, a Good Choice!

Send Her Smelly Perfume

Perfume is usually considered a decent and high-end consumption, loved by the ladies of good taste. Suppose you are dating an Asian girl faddist, perfume should be the best option as Christmas gift because perfume should be her must-have daily collection. Every time when she goes out for shopping, or to attend a party, she must sprinkle some to make herself aromatic wherever she passes by. Then, which kind to choose? It depends on your daily communication with her. Be familiar with the fragrance and brand is the must. The perfume at iDateAsia can be customized once unavailable on the site.

Get good prepared to have your lady have a happy 2012 Christmas!

November 26, 2011

Gift and Flower Sending Policy

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As everyone knows, iDateAsia offers various kinds of funny and effective dating services, including Cupid Note, Admirer Letter, EMF Mail, Live Chat and Love Call. However, these services are certainly not enough. For some generous men who want to make themselves more real to their ladies, they want us to serve them with real gifts and flower options. And we do! A variety of beautiful flower bundles as well as some decent gift, such as cute toys, exquisitely-crafted jewelry, perfume, etc. They are really nice options to express your fervent love, or for the special days. Then, what to care about when sending flowers or gifts for your dreamed girls? All details that should be concerned are listed below.

Who to deliver
Please note that flowers and gifts will only delivered to those girls across Chinese Mainland.

How We Deliver
As the flowers, they will be delivered by our affiliated florists nearest the ladies. However, the gifts would be shipped via an Express Service. That is to say; if you place both flowers and gifts, they would be arriving at the ladies’ door at different times.

Delivery Fee
If you are a member of iDateAsia, you easily know that each flower item comes with a unit price including $6 shipping fee. Namely, shipping is free for sending flowers. However, it is not included in gift sending. When you place an order of a gift, you should additionally pay $6 for shipping.

Delivery Time

For Flowers
Well, flower delivery should be instant since the flowers would be sent out from the nearest florists. Once you choose to send flowers during the major holidays in China. You are suggested placing order 7 days prior to any major special day, to reduce the non-delivery risk.

For Gifts
Usually speaking, it requires 2-5 days to deliver decent gifts. It is not fixed, depending on the delivery location. Suppose you want to deliver gifts to the ladies in remote Chinese areas, the delivery time is around a week. Similar to flower shipping, please take priority to place the order when coming across the major holidays of China, to make sure the gifts arriving at the ladies’ doors on time.

More Notice
The flowers and gifts listed on our site might be unavailable. If so, similar flowers of different colors and styles at the same price would be sent out. And the gifts would be substituted by those of similar kind and value. Don’t worry that indecent substitutions would ruin your date since they are also carefully selected. Only those of fashion style and good quality would be sent out. For both goods, we suggest sending separate flowers to different ladies.

November 19, 2011

How We Deal With Dishonest Practice and Dating Fraud

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There is no doubt that business of online dating service is really hot in modern society. Based the severe demand of the daily-increased singles, a large number of dating sites surge into the market, seeking to gain more profit. As only as you input the related keywords in Google Search Engine Bar, hundreds of thousands of related results will come out. Then, which one to choose? Is the selected site trusted? More and more singles are getting confused..

Online dating does offer a good platform for the singles to find their dreamed lovers. As only as you possess a computer connected to the Internet, you can start searching and dating with all kinds of beautiful girls. However, the rate of your getting cheated is higher since all communication is based on fictitious platform without seeing the real girls. Of course, you can find their profiles as well as pictures on the dating site after registering to be a member. While, you can not 100% assure that all is true. Any carelessness can draw you into fraud. Thus, to find a trusted website is of the greatest importance. As an experienced and trustworthy dealer on dating services, we have our own way to deal with dishonest practice and dating fraud.

As everyone knows, the success of a service company relies on its service quality. We do a lot to fight against all dishonest action and dating fraud which might greatly harm our reputation or break our clients’ confidence on us. We are committed to protect the rights of every users on our site.

First of all, strict rules and regulations have been issued for our cooperated agencies and they should be strictly obeyed. Since the agencies take the first hand to get all the profiles of the lady members, they are duty to make sure all the information is true via kinds of methods. This is the basic and must way to reduce the scam rate.
Secondly, we have our own staff to double confirm the seriousness of the ladies. Even though all the profiles of ladies have passed the check of the agency, it does not mean that they will be definitely posted to our site. All the profiles have to be spotted confirmed by our staff responsible for the related work. Suppose they are 100% assured to have no problem, they are allowed to be posted. Moreover, we periodically call our members to track more details during their communication. Once there is anything doubtful, we will immediately look further into it.

To ensure a smooth interaction between men and ladies, we do take effective actions to prevent fraudulent cases which may be caused by female members, from happening.

November 16, 2011

To Find Your Ideal Asian Girl From Here

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A charming Thai girl from Idateasia

Idateasia is a second-to-none dating platform for you to find your dreamed Asian Goddess, especially a Thai wife. On, you are offered various kinds of services which are conveniently operated and unique to show your fervent love toward your interested girl, including EMF Correspondence, Cupid Note, Admirer Letter, Live Chat and Love Call. Newly established with a target to offer 100% satisfaction, is currently rarely known by the world people. To let the world people, especially the European singes, better know this dating site is one of the main reason why this blog is created.

After all, what features this dating site? Let’s go further introduction.

First and foremost, this site is especially established for those European singles who want to start a long-term relationship with Asian beauties, the Thai women in particular. Most members of Idateasia come from Thailand. Of course, there are also some form other Asian countries. You should know that Thai women are more serious on relationship than other Asian ladies. Therefore, be ready to start a long-term relationship before you log in Idateasia to hunt your love.

Secondly, Idateasia offers great and interesting services, covering EMF Correspondence, Cupid Notes, Admirer Letter, Live Chat and Love Call. All is in convenient operation. Cupid Notes and Admirer Letter are free to use, respectively for men and women to show their interests toward their online opposites. And the other three services are used based on credit standards. For each detail, you can log in Idateasia to know more.

Thirdly, Idateasia serves you with the real Asian girls. All the profiles of lady members have to pass the double check before they are posted on the dating site. First of all, the profile of each lady has to be spotted checked by our cooperated agencies. As only as those which have completely meet the standards will pass to the further confirmation by our inner staff responsible for the job. Unless they are further confirmed no problem, these profiles can be posted. If needed, phone track on the ladies will be utilized.

Fourthly, Idateasia offers three-way communication, making the whole online dating smooth without any language barrier. High quality and instant translation will be offered by the qualified interpreters from our cooperated agencies. Once either party during the dating found the other side has difficulty in language understanding, he or she can ask for help. However, most of modern people are good at English. They may get out of this part and step into further interaction directly. If so, that would be much better.

Later, this blog will be periodically updated by more Idateasia Information as well as the useful tips on Asian dating. Just release yourself and enjoy this place here!

November 14, 2011

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