June 4, 2012

Avoid Deep Relationship With Pattaya Thai Girls

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Thai women are well known to the world for their beautiful exotic faces, sexy body figures, passionate, careless lifestyle and the famous amazing Thai smiles. As a result, no wonder that millions of foreign men travel to Thailand for a holiday. And Pattaya is one of the best and most popular resort for the male tourists. In this unique beautiful place with clear sky and blue sea, people feel like falling into a wonderful world like heaven. Apart from the marvelous landscapes,hot young Thailand girls are also the main attraction of this paradise-like scenic spot. So many men spend their short vacation with these beautiful local Pattaya Thailand girls, and some of them even fall head over heels in love with these social girls. These western guys always mix up the romantic infatuation and the real cross cultural marriage. Dude, wake up, marriage work with Pattaya girls is not a good idea or actual in your life.

Pattaya Thai Girls For Fun & Money

Asian dating

Pattaya Thai girls

There are a great number of bars, clubs and pubs in Pattaya. Guys go into these places mostly for fun. Partying, drinking, dancing with beautiful bar girls and having fun is like getting into another life and completely relaxing oneself. And in some way, these Asian girls are really bringing these foreign men crazy fun and thrill. But you need to be careful of that these girls are not pretending high here for fun, laughs or the non-stop stimulation of the senses. Pattaya bar girls work in these clubs and pubs for easy money, which can be relatively easy to make for females in Thailand. Besides, Thai government does not carry strict measures to ban prostitution. It seems that people prefer to get in prostitution than be in poverty.

No Happy Ending With Thailand Bar Girls

Asian dating

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Some western men insist on the relationship with Thailand bar girls even after they finish the holiday and go back to their own countries. They regard it as a true love. But most of these cases fail to transfer the passionate affection to the daily life stage in the end. I don’t doubt that true love exists in the above cases but the reality always tells that happy ending with Thailand bar girls is rare. Her parents may ask financial support from you when your Thailand girlfriend quits her job and moves to live with you. The passionate crazy night life and care free lifestyle can not adjust her to a peaceful common daily life. More problems like that are coming up and this relationship with Asian bar girl is not that easy as you think.
Therefore, avoid deep relationship with Pattaya party girls. If you really want to seek a beautiful Asian wife, try IDateAsia.com.

January 5, 2012

How to Effectively Learn Thai Language

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Online dating has become an uprising trend in modern society. With the help of online dating services, to find a Thai wife becomes a piece of cake. The obstacle for language difference no longer exists because high quality translators offered by dating agencies stand by, for 24 hours to make sure the communication between the daters go smoothly. Even so, learning Thai language is still a must, especially for those guys who have made up their minds to find a Thai wife. After all, how to effectively learn Thai language? Below guidelines may be helpful for you.

First of all, find a good book to learn the basis of Thai Language including alphabet, consonant and vowel sounds before getting down to anything else. Just like learning Chinese, all the factors mentioned above is fundamental in learning a language. Here, I recommend you a very nice book, namely, “Learn the Thai Alphabet in 60 Minutes”. If you don’t want to spend money on it, you can download the Ebook version.

Secondly, ask a native Thai speaker to teach you distinguishing the nuances of the sounds. Since you’re totally new to it, there must be a lot of things that you can’t understand. Of course you can find the relative MP3 or video to learn. However, asking the native Thai speaker can save you time, and make sure all your pronounce accurate. For a beginner, to accurately pronounce the alphabet, consonant and vowel is of great importance, which directly affect your spoken language in the future.

Thirdly, write down the pneumonic hints which can assist your pronunciation, especially when you learn Thai language on your own. If possible, record your learning sessions, so that you can replay them in your non-class time.

Fourthly, practice as often you can, which is the must procedure for learning any language. The more you practice, the better you are. It’s the best to speak with Thai people as possible as you can.

Fifthly, make full use of the advanced technology. For example, you can find as many learning materials as you can. For time emergency, you can use your Iphone mobile to download some free podcasts from the Apple Itunes stores.

Anyway, it is practice that counts more than anything. Finally, good luck! Below attaches the Daily Thai language for your reference. Enjoy!

Thai language

Thai language

Thai language

Daily-used Thai language

December 22, 2011

How do Chinese People Celebrate Christmas

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Santa Claus brings happiness with kinds of Christmas gifts!

There are only three days left before the arrival of 2011 Christmas Day. It is know to all that Christmas is the most important festival for the western people. For Chinese people, it doesn’t matter so much; however, they also celebrate it, for fun. After all, how do Chinese people celebrate the holy Christmas? It depends on who to celebrate it.

Western people take Christmas celebration serious. Just like what we do to Spring Festival, western people get down to preparing the celebrating details ahead of one month. They’re busy selecting Christmas gifts for the family members as well as friends or colleagues. Besides, they’re thinking of how to decorate the Christmas tree with ornaments to make creative and special. However, Christmas celebration is not that particular, depending on different people and their mood as well.

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For Chinese lovers, Christmas Day also means a lot since it’s a good day for dating or love expressing. Most lovers usually choose Christmas Eve for celebration. At Christmas Eve, the lovers make appointment to make a romantic date at the Hilarious places. Usually, the large-scaled shopping malls are their prior selections because these places are full of Christmas atmosphere with crowded people and kinds of Christmas ornaments, making one perfectly feel the joy of Christmas.

What a gay Christmas atmosphere!

For the singles, they usually choose to celebrate this day with friends or colleagues. They may go shopping, make a feast or make an appointment to watch movie. That which one to choose is up to their needs and hobbies. Well, it’s definitely OK to go through all of them because it’s my style to celebrate Christmas. I usually make a feast with friends first, then go shopping, and finally go to the cinema. Without lovers, the singles can also have a gay and meaningful Christmas!

Christmas party recalls my memory of college life.

For the students, no matter high school or college, they usually to celebrate Christmas Day with classmates and teachers. Normally speaking, a Christmas party will be organized with the classroom or meeting room beautifully decorated by gift boxes, Christmas tree as well as the related ornaments, and colorful balloons. Christmas party shows and games are the must parts. Usually, Christmas party is organized by foreign teachers since this day is really important to them.

Delicious Christmas Cake

For the elders, they treat Christmas a normal day. If there is nothing special, they stay at home and watch TV with husbands and wives, or other family members. If coming across a cold weather, they choose to go to bed early

After my introduction, you should perfectly know that how Chinese people celebrate Christmas Holiday. Since 2011 Christmas is arriving, have you got well-prepared? If you’re a single with no interest to do anything, and just want to find a girl to start a romantic relationship, who not sign up iDateAsia, to meet the Asian girl of your style?