December 6, 2011

Transnational Relationship-How to Make It Work

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In people’s stereotyped point of view, only the two of the same nationality should get married. This tradition even gets deeper root in China. That’s to say, the man and woman from different countries are hard to get together. As the society develops, Chinese people begin to open their eyes to western countries, and are attracted by the friendly people outside, their strong culture as well as the beautiful scenes. When two people from different countries get together, the magnetic field between them are extended larger and larger. However, a long-distance relationship is really hard to maintain, let alone a transnational one. Then, what to do if you’ve got tired of dating a national girl and want to find a foreign wife? How to maintain a cross-cultural relationship once you have started a romantic relationship with a foreign girl?

Thanks to online dating sites! They do help people a lot in finding a foreign partner by offering convenient and funny services.

With the motif to help western men quickly and effectively find their Asian wives, iDateAsia comes various kinds of dating services, such as EMF Mail Correspondence, Live Chat, Love Call and Cupid Note & Admirer Letter for free usage. These services greatly shorten the distance between two nations. Distance is no longer a problem!

EMF Mail Correspondence
It’s a frequently-used and effective way to communicate with ladies. Once you find the ideal lady on iDateAsia and want a further acknowledge about her, then you can send her an EMF Mail, to ask for the details that you want to know. Each just costs 1 credit. A certain male members may ask: ” Why not make it a free service?”. Well, we got some consideration. First of all, paid service can help to prove yourself to the ladies that you’re really serious about starting a relationship with her. Since no one would easily sends out an EMF Mail since it costs money. In that case, it greatly increase the success rate. Please note that the credit would only be deduced when the male member takes initiative to send out the first EMF Mail. After a period of communication when you found the girl is not your fitness, you can stop send EMF Mail out,and told you lady what you think. Once you found the lady still continue sending back mails after notice, and make your credit in successive deduction, you can drag her to the Block List.

Live Chat
It is an instant communication method with the ladies, just like the Skype Chat or QQ. You can deliver your thought and let her know in a minute. It’s an amazing experience to use Live Chat to talk with your girl. It’s cheap for usage, only 0.5 credit for every 5 minutes.

Love Call
Suppose you want to hear the voice of your lady. Well, send her an invitation for a Love Call. The fee for this service is divided into two parts, respectively referring to Reservation Fee and Airtime Charge, 1 credit for a request confirmation and 1 credit for every minute.

Cupid Note and Admirer Letter
They’re respectively used by men and women to show the interest to their ideal partners. They’re totally free with cute pattern in a card format.

Please note that all the services are processed based on a three-way communication. Once either man or woman find a difficulty in the interaction because of language obstacle, the professional translators from the cooperated agency will stretch a hand for help, to ensure the whole date going smoothly.

November 26, 2011

Gift and Flower Sending Policy

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Would love to send flower and gift to her? Register NOW!

As everyone knows, iDateAsia offers various kinds of funny and effective dating services, including Cupid Note, Admirer Letter, EMF Mail, Live Chat and Love Call. However, these services are certainly not enough. For some generous men who want to make themselves more real to their ladies, they want us to serve them with real gifts and flower options. And we do! A variety of beautiful flower bundles as well as some decent gift, such as cute toys, exquisitely-crafted jewelry, perfume, etc. They are really nice options to express your fervent love, or for the special days. Then, what to care about when sending flowers or gifts for your dreamed girls? All details that should be concerned are listed below.

Who to deliver
Please note that flowers and gifts will only delivered to those girls across Chinese Mainland.

How We Deliver
As the flowers, they will be delivered by our affiliated florists nearest the ladies. However, the gifts would be shipped via an Express Service. That is to say; if you place both flowers and gifts, they would be arriving at the ladies’ door at different times.

Delivery Fee
If you are a member of iDateAsia, you easily know that each flower item comes with a unit price including $6 shipping fee. Namely, shipping is free for sending flowers. However, it is not included in gift sending. When you place an order of a gift, you should additionally pay $6 for shipping.

Delivery Time

For Flowers
Well, flower delivery should be instant since the flowers would be sent out from the nearest florists. Once you choose to send flowers during the major holidays in China. You are suggested placing order 7 days prior to any major special day, to reduce the non-delivery risk.

For Gifts
Usually speaking, it requires 2-5 days to deliver decent gifts. It is not fixed, depending on the delivery location. Suppose you want to deliver gifts to the ladies in remote Chinese areas, the delivery time is around a week. Similar to flower shipping, please take priority to place the order when coming across the major holidays of China, to make sure the gifts arriving at the ladies’ doors on time.

More Notice
The flowers and gifts listed on our site might be unavailable. If so, similar flowers of different colors and styles at the same price would be sent out. And the gifts would be substituted by those of similar kind and value. Don’t worry that indecent substitutions would ruin your date since they are also carefully selected. Only those of fashion style and good quality would be sent out. For both goods, we suggest sending separate flowers to different ladies.