January 16, 2012

Three Topics to Easily Start a Conversation When Dating Online

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It is a fact that online dating prevails in the recent years. Successive the first two important steps -completing a killer profile and uploading an eye-catching picture, the next step should go to the matter how to start an effective conversation with the lady of your interest, so as to raise her attention. According to my experience, to start a topic of common interest can make the conversation last longer. However, to find the common things between two strangers is really a difficult thing. I suggest trying from three aspects.

First of all, to set up the conversation by asking her hobbies. It’s always a good opener for a conversation, either in real dating or in online dating. Like what we usually do in real life, you can take initiative to ask a question about her hobbies, In that case, you easily and effectively start a conversation, and get access to further know her as well. Compared to other topics, hobbies is a comprehensive one. You should have a lot things to share with your sweetheart. For example, you can tell her the exact things you’re fond of, from multiple aspects. If you consider it’s still not enough, you can get further into the specific topics.

Another topic that can help you easily start a conversation is to talk about the family and friends. As everyone knows, family members and friends are the most intimate persons around us. In most of the time, we’re dealing with these people. If you choose such a topic to set the ball rolling, you can easily find stories for sharing. What’s more, her attitudes towards family members and friends are the best testimonials for your judgment on her personality. Suppose a girl tells you that she is about to introduce you to her friends in some day, it means she has made up the mind to build a long relationship with you. As a girl, I perfectly know the psychology of women on romantic love. Women like to introduce their life-long companions to their friends. Some may want to show off in front of friends; some may want their friends to help to judge their future partners.

The third topic that can assist you easily start a conversation is to talk about the place she lives. It’s a really useful and important topic. Firstly, you can take this chance to know about the growing environment of the girl. Secondly, it should broaden your eye views by being told the tradition, religion and culture. This is really interesting for cross-cultural online dating. Thirdly, acquainted with her living place, you manage a chance to search enough information about the relation culture which is useful to develop a relationship, so as to increase the success rate.

Provided that you tend to seriously find a long-time partner on dating platform, you should take priority to know about the girls you’re interested in. And above three topics are really helpful to start, Good luck!

January 5, 2012

How to Effectively Learn Thai Language

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Online dating has become an uprising trend in modern society. With the help of online dating services, to find a Thai wife becomes a piece of cake. The obstacle for language difference no longer exists because high quality translators offered by dating agencies stand by, for 24 hours to make sure the communication between the daters go smoothly. Even so, learning Thai language is still a must, especially for those guys who have made up their minds to find a Thai wife. After all, how to effectively learn Thai language? Below guidelines may be helpful for you.

First of all, find a good book to learn the basis of Thai Language including alphabet, consonant and vowel sounds before getting down to anything else. Just like learning Chinese, all the factors mentioned above is fundamental in learning a language. Here, I recommend you a very nice book, namely, “Learn the Thai Alphabet in 60 Minutes”. If you don’t want to spend money on it, you can download the Ebook version.

Secondly, ask a native Thai speaker to teach you distinguishing the nuances of the sounds. Since you’re totally new to it, there must be a lot of things that you can’t understand. Of course you can find the relative MP3 or video to learn. However, asking the native Thai speaker can save you time, and make sure all your pronounce accurate. For a beginner, to accurately pronounce the alphabet, consonant and vowel is of great importance, which directly affect your spoken language in the future.

Thirdly, write down the pneumonic hints which can assist your pronunciation, especially when you learn Thai language on your own. If possible, record your learning sessions, so that you can replay them in your non-class time.

Fourthly, practice as often you can, which is the must procedure for learning any language. The more you practice, the better you are. It’s the best to speak with Thai people as possible as you can.

Fifthly, make full use of the advanced technology. For example, you can find as many learning materials as you can. For time emergency, you can use your Iphone mobile to download some free podcasts from the Apple Itunes stores.

Anyway, it is practice that counts more than anything. Finally, good luck! Below attaches the Daily Thai language for your reference. Enjoy!

Thai language

Thai language

Thai language

Daily-used Thai language