March 3, 2012

More Asian Women Tend to Marry Foreigners

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More and More Asian ladies prefer to marry a foreigner, especially the Thai and Vietnamese girls and women in China. Why do these Asian women like to seek a foreign husband? There are some reasons causing this phenomenon.

First of all, they’re disappointed at the men in their country. Let’s take Thailand for an example. The portion between men and women in Thailand loses the balance, and the quantity of female is much more than that of men. So Thai men can easily get a wife while Thai women are difficult to find a husband. However, most Thai men would not satisfy with his wife. The family violence always happen in Thailand and husband are inclined to have affairs with other women. All of these hurts the feeling of the Asian women for marriage, so they turn to foreign countries for a better and healthy marriage.

Secondly, Asian women get higher education and become more independent. Though many Asian countries are still developing, the living situation and the civilization are increasing. Most of the women in Thailand and Vietnam are undergraduates, and some are even masters. These well- educated women have a strong sense of independence. They play an important role in the companies as well as men, act good at socialization and live a pretty cozy life by her own income. They seem to have everything. But they are women, they need love and respect, which quite a few men of the their country don’t know how to show, that’s another reason for why Asian women tend to marry foreigners.

Thirdly, people become open-mined and the culture differences narrow down. The development of technology and informatization is rapid, the culture, custom and traditions are propagated and  spreaded to every corner of the world via movies, music and other medium and become known to more people. Therefore, marriage with foreigners become much more acceptable rather than the strange.On such a condition, internet dating service grows up. This dating method is believed to be the best and the most effective way to meet a guy outside the Asian countries.

The last but not the least, gentleness and romance of foreigners are attractive. Believe it or not, no female in the whole dislike being treated gently or refusing romance. And most foreigners from western countries are positive, open, nice and romantic. They seem to know more about how to treat women well and give what they want. Women can feel safe and happy with them.