December 17, 2011

To Meet Your Asian Girl Face to Face-Cupid Date Newly Released

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This is really good news for the male members of iDateAsia-Cupid Date is launched!!! It is a face-to-face dating assistance service helping members who intend to further develop a relationship to acquire a better mutual understanding. Via the help of this service, you can better estimate your compatibility with the girl you date online, and then you can decide whether she is the right one for you or not. You should know that meeting the girl face to face is the best way to completely understand her. Then, How to make a Cupid Date with your dreamed lady at iDateAsia? Go on reading to capture more details.

Generally speaking, there are three steps to go.

First of all, make a request.

If you want to see the lady who you have already been exchanging EMF Mails and you want to further develop the relationship, go to her profile and click the “Meet Me” button to fill in the “Date Request” form, and then submit to invite her for a Cupid Date.  To ensure the safety, you are required to complete the IMBRA personal disclosure.

Secondly, confirm time

Based on your request, the corresponding agency would directly forward the message to the lady, along with you IMBRA personal disclosure. If the Asian girl  considers the arrangement OK, she will confirm directly. If anything contradictive to her schedule, she will write back via EMF Mails with the exact problem and her suggestion. Well, the lady deserves the right to decline your invitation.

Thirdly, meet up

Once both of you confirm the details no problem, then this Cupid Date is made. The only thing to concern is to show up on time. To be a gentleman and don’t let your lady awaiting too long.

About the Cost

The cost for the new service is $139, including arranging the date with the lady and 1.5-hour translation service. It will be charged when you send out the request, via Credit Card. It’s convenient and safe. All your payment information would be kept highly confidential. If your request is rejected by the lady or the lady does not show up at the scheduled time, your money will be full refunded. However, if the problem is caused by you, you can’t get a full refund from us.

For more details and notices, just log in to see this new service-Cupid Date.