February 13, 2012

Gift Ideas to Please Girlfriend Without Burning Your Pocket

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Thai girls

To Show Fierce Love on Valentine's Day by Creative Gifts or Beautiful Flowers

People always say that to win the heart of a girl needs investment. That’s true! And to buy her the favorable gifts is a basis, also a must. However, men should take the pocket into consideration in this gift-buying process. Suppose you’re a millionaire, you can choose to buy her something luxurious, such as designer clothing, gemstone jewelries, designer handbags, branded cosmetics, and so on. While, if you’re a person with middle-class income every month, I guess you need to think twice in buying such kinds of luxury gifts.

Luxurious and decent gifts can definitely please girls, but it doesn’t mean that all the girls can only be cheered up by receiving such gifts. Something relatively cheaper or DIY can also win the heart of the girl you’re interested in. Since then, what kind of gifts to send could make such an effect? Let’s get deeper into it.

Compared to the received gifts, girls pay more attention to the sincerity of the man who sends out the gifts. The reason why the girls want to receive gifts from their men is because it makes them feel being cared and focused. Therefore, you should think from this perspective when considering what gifts to buy. Personally, I recommend DIY something creative. It is money-friendly to your pocket and also heart-touching to your girlfriend.

Cook a Delicious Meal or Make a Loving Cake

In the eyes of most people, cooking is the duty of women, especially when these women are married. And most women do take such a role in reality. In the inner heart of women, they expect that their men can occasionally take this job; however, this thought is usually denied. So, if you really want to please your girlfriend or wife, cooking her a delicious meal is really a good idea. You have no need to worry what you cooked is awful in taking. What your girl cares is your sincerity. Actually, you can get good preparation to it liking taking a cook lesson. At least, you can make a romantic meal environment to live up the atmosphere, making her feel being loved.

DIY a 365-Sweet Box

Well, you should get an early start on this special gift since it really takes a certain while. The concept of the Sweet box is very simple-to make her feel happy and sweet every day. What you need is a decorative box, and then fill it with 365 slips of paper with each one a message from you. The content of the message can be your real good feeling towards her. Just make it simple, like “I love your smile!”, “You’re the only one I loved!”. If you want to make it romantic, mix up your words with some famous Quotes.

Gather the Memory With Collage or Shadow Box

Every relationship is based on a collection of a million special moments. They may be sweet and happy, or gloomy and disputed. However, both of you withstand the challenge. For the girl, these memory with you is precious! Since then, why not get her a collage or shadow box? Dig up old photos, postcards, ticket stubs, etc, and select those mean most to both of you. Then arrange them in a shadow box. Or you can hang up the shadow box at the homepage of your private share space, like QQ or blog, to let all your friends witness your happiness.

gift ideas for 2012 Valentine's Day

2012 Valentine's Day-Favorable Festival for Lovers!

The 2012 Valentine’s Day is almost arrived! You should get a good preparation on what to surprise her. If you’re currently online dating a girl and want to win her heart, tomorrow is also a good chance by sending her cut visual gifts or beautiful flowers.

February 8, 2012

To See the Distinctiveness of Thai Wedding

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thai marriage

Distinctive and Extravagant Thai Wedding

As everyone knows, the charm of Thailand not only relies on its beautiful scenary but also its distinctive and customized culture and tradition. Especially the unique, symbolic and astonishingly beautiful Thai wedding, it has attracted thousands of travelers come to this beautiful country. Below, let’s get deeper into the details.

Generally speaking, Thai wedding covers three steps.

1) Pre-Wedding Process, Very Personal and Unique

thai marriage

Buddhist Ceremony, to show the respect to the ancestors of the couple

Different from most countries where the engagement is started by the groom, the engagement in Thailand is offered by one of the closest friend, on behalf of the groom. This friend goes to the bride’s father and formally asks her hands in marriage. Immediately when the father approves, the details about the dowry will be discussed. Instead of material objects, the dowry in Thailand usually goes to the money or gold which the groom has to pay for his father-in-law, in order to thank him for raisin the bride well. And the amount of money and gold depends on the social status, educational background and personality of the bride, also depends on her virginity. Suppose the bride was ever married and with kids, her family has no right to ask for dowry. Usually, it is the invited astrologer who decides the dating of wedding. The date must be favorable to both parties. In Thailand, August is the best month for marriage. Once the date is fixed, the Buddhist Ceremony organized by 9 monks would be held to show the respect to the ancestors of the couple.

2) The Main Ceremony, Extravagant and Costly but Worthwhile

The main ceremony of thai wedding is divided into three parts.

thai marriage

the couple, with symbolic string bound

Around 6 o’clock in the morning, the wedding starts. The 9 monks invited on the eve of the wedding are again invited to grace the ceremony. The bride and the groom are bound by a symbolical string during the ritual. When it is almost closed, the couple needs to prepare a light lunch for the monks as well as visitors. Before the leaving of the monks, they also need to donate a cash for the local temple in order to get more blessing in return.

The main event of the Thai wedding is held in the afternoon, which is called the Rod Nam Sang. During the ceremony, the bride and the groom have to connect hands via a flower chain because it is a symbol of respect, called “wai”. In this part, the eldest member of the family plays a very important role. He or she needs to deliver wishes of good luck and blessings to the couple. Once this process is finished, the parents, close friends and a certain significant guest soak the hands of the newly-weds in water.

thai marriage

the Reception Meal

The reception part which is the important wedding part in most countries takes place in dinner, in a must-have extravagant manner. About 100-300 guests would be invited to the banquet and served by whiskey and wine which are the frequent choices of the Thai people, for celebrating together.

The whole Thai wedding seems to be very extravagant, especially seen from the perspective of the groom. However, he considers it worthwhile since the wedding symbolizes his new life with the beautiful Thai woman he loves.

3) Marriage Registration, to Make the Relationship Legal

In Thailand, marriage registration is much more significant than the wedding ceremony. Once this process is not done, the relationship of the couple is not confirmed under Thai laws. Thailand marriage certificate issued by Amphoe confirms the legality of a marriage.