December 22, 2011

How do Chinese People Celebrate Christmas

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Santa Claus brings happiness with kinds of Christmas gifts!

There are only three days left before the arrival of 2011 Christmas Day. It is know to all that Christmas is the most important festival for the western people. For Chinese people, it doesn’t matter so much; however, they also celebrate it, for fun. After all, how do Chinese people celebrate the holy Christmas? It depends on who to celebrate it.

Western people take Christmas celebration serious. Just like what we do to Spring Festival, western people get down to preparing the celebrating details ahead of one month. They’re busy selecting Christmas gifts for the family members as well as friends or colleagues. Besides, they’re thinking of how to decorate the Christmas tree with ornaments to make creative and special. However, Christmas celebration is not that particular, depending on different people and their mood as well.

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For Chinese lovers, Christmas Day also means a lot since it’s a good day for dating or love expressing. Most lovers usually choose Christmas Eve for celebration. At Christmas Eve, the lovers make appointment to make a romantic date at the Hilarious places. Usually, the large-scaled shopping malls are their prior selections because these places are full of Christmas atmosphere with crowded people and kinds of Christmas ornaments, making one perfectly feel the joy of Christmas.

What a gay Christmas atmosphere!

For the singles, they usually choose to celebrate this day with friends or colleagues. They may go shopping, make a feast or make an appointment to watch movie. That which one to choose is up to their needs and hobbies. Well, it’s definitely OK to go through all of them because it’s my style to celebrate Christmas. I usually make a feast with friends first, then go shopping, and finally go to the cinema. Without lovers, the singles can also have a gay and meaningful Christmas!

Christmas party recalls my memory of college life.

For the students, no matter high school or college, they usually to celebrate Christmas Day with classmates and teachers. Normally speaking, a Christmas party will be organized with the classroom or meeting room beautifully decorated by gift boxes, Christmas tree as well as the related ornaments, and colorful balloons. Christmas party shows and games are the must parts. Usually, Christmas party is organized by foreign teachers since this day is really important to them.

Delicious Christmas Cake

For the elders, they treat Christmas a normal day. If there is nothing special, they stay at home and watch TV with husbands and wives, or other family members. If coming across a cold weather, they choose to go to bed early

After my introduction, you should perfectly know that how Chinese people celebrate Christmas Holiday. Since 2011 Christmas is arriving, have you got well-prepared? If you’re a single with no interest to do anything, and just want to find a girl to start a romantic relationship, who not sign up iDateAsia, to meet the Asian girl of your style?

November 30, 2011

What Christmas Gifts to Choose for Your Lady? -Here Comes the Guide

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As everyone knows, Christmas is a grand festival for the western people, whose importance equals to Chinese Spring Festival. Based on the tradition, people need to send gifts to family members as well as friends, to express the love and thanks. Early one month before the arrival of Christmas Day, people get down to preparing what to send. Since then, have you all gentlemen decided what Christmas Gifts to send to your Asian ladies who you met in iDateAsia? If not, below comes a guidance for you.

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Send Her Real Flowers

You should know that it is the instinct of women to love romance. And receiving a bundle of beautiful flowers is what they consider the basic romance. They feel proud and glorious when they receive the flower bundles from their love men. To send a bundle of flowers just costs several pennies, not expensive, however, it does works to warm up the relationship between you and the lady. Real flowers offered at iDateAsia are sent by our cooperative florists nearest to the lady. As only as you take priority to place the order 7 days earlier before Christmas, the lady should be able to receive the flowers on time.

Elegant Gifts For Her

Send Her Fashion Accessories

Compared with the beautiful flowers, fashion accessories like elegant necklaces earrings and bracelets are much more practical. It is known to all that these accessories are deadly love by Asian girls since they are considered fashion icons to upgrade the daily beauty. Most fashion accessories at iDateAsia are crafted from silver, top-class crystal and gemstones, long-lasting for everyday usage. The point is that they come with a reasonable unit price. Some are even cheaper than flower bundles. Such kinds of gifts are seemingly much selectable, aren’t they? However if you can send the flower bundles and fashion accessories at the same time, that would be the best.

Smelly Perfume, a Good Choice!

Send Her Smelly Perfume

Perfume is usually considered a decent and high-end consumption, loved by the ladies of good taste. Suppose you are dating an Asian girl faddist, perfume should be the best option as Christmas gift because perfume should be her must-have daily collection. Every time when she goes out for shopping, or to attend a party, she must sprinkle some to make herself aromatic wherever she passes by. Then, which kind to choose? It depends on your daily communication with her. Be familiar with the fragrance and brand is the must. The perfume at iDateAsia can be customized once unavailable on the site.

Get good prepared to have your lady have a happy 2012 Christmas!