Success Stories

The motif of iDateAsia is to help the singles find their dreamed girls. And their happiness of being couple is our best return. In this section, we will their happy stories with all of you.

Success Stories 1

iDateAsia success stories

It’s a perfect match! This couple began talking from 10th October, 2010 till 4th November, and they got married on 19th August 2011. Now, the lady is applying for a Visa and will be relocating to USA as soon as she gets the Visa.


Success Stories 2

Thai women are really good choices for life-long partners’ selection because they’re beautiful and tender.

This couple got married on 17th December 2010. This beautiful Thai lady is currently living in Luxemburg with her husband. They started talking since 3rd January, 2010 before they decided to talk with each other privately. They met each others for the first time in Thailand on 2nd February. After their first meeting, the gentleman invited the lady to Luxemburg. And they got married after.

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