April 5, 2012

Thai Spices And Eating Habits

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As a tropical country located at the centre of the Indochina peninsula in Southeast Asia, Thailand abounds with seafood, rice, vegetables, coconuts and sugarcanes. Greatly owing to its rich and fresh raw materials, Thai food is internationally famous as Thai girls. It pays much attention to the flavouring substances and most of them are peculiar to Southeast Asia and Thailand. The most common and typical flavouring substances are Kaffir Lime, fish sauce, Kanthari chilli and curry paste.

Thai girls and Thai culture

Thai food

Kaffir lime is a lime native to India, Laos, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and some neighboring countries. It is a small, rough green fruit with rich bouquet, which can be used to make drinks and mainly used in the Southeast Asian cuisine. Thailand women like to squeeze some Kaffir lime into almost each Thai dish in order to make the food smell better with rich fragrance of lime.

Thai girls and Thai culture

Kaffir lime, the Thai lemon

Fish sauce, is a kind of spice similar to soy sauce, but is made with fermentation of fish, shrimp instead of soys.
Kanthari chilli, is commonly known as Thai pepper or Bird’s Eye Chilli. It is smaller than other kinds of peppers but much spicier. And it’s usually used in Thai dishes, so most Thai food tastes spicy.    
Curry paste, with coconut milk as the basic condiment, is made from lots of substances, such as Cymbopogon citratus or lemon grass, shrimp paste, fish sauce and various peppers.

Thai girls and Thai culture

Making Thai Curry Paste

As for the eating habits, the hot Asian girls from Thailand love hot and spicy food. They love to add fish sauce and gourmet powder into cuisines. Fish, shrimp, chicken and egg are leading food at their table, which can be cooked in many kinds of methods like frying in shallow oil or in deep oil, stewing and grilling. Hot and sour soup is one of the famous Thai cuisines. Because quite a few curries are added into it, the soup tastes very spicy and is not that suitable for the foreigners, especially those who do not eat peppers. Meanwhile, the soup is believed to do good to the relationship of couples and keep families in harmony. Besides, they like to drink tea, but most of them like to put some ice into the tea, which is related a lot to its hot weather. After the meals, they would enjoy some fruits. Their favourites are orange, grape, banana, mango, pineapple, lichee, longan and pear. The interesting part is that they get used to dipping some salt or pepper on the fruits when eating watermelons and pineapples.

Thai girls and Thai culture

Eating fruits after dinner

There are a lot Thai cuisines not mentioned here because it’s too many. But if you are really interested in what I mention and enjoy Thai food, you should find a Asian bride and let her cook for you!

Thai girls and Thai culture

Thai girls for marriage

April 1, 2012

Tips On Dating Thai Girls For Marriage

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Thailand is a country with most of the population believing in Buddhist. Some others believe in Confucianism and Taoism. Their actions and words are greatly influenced by the religious ideas. If you want to date a Thai girl and seek a Thai wife, what do you must know about Thailand? What should say and what should you avoid? Read this article to know more. As long as you respect the customs and culture of Thai girls can you win her respect and please your girl and have successful online dating with her in the shortest time.

hot Thai girl

hot Thai girl

Thai people have great respect for their country and Thai girls are proud of Thailand. So, even if you have a lot of discontentment about the culture and customs, or something others relating Thailand, please remember not to complain to your Thai girlfriend. She hopes you are happy. When chatting with Thai women, say nice things about Thai Royalty, Thai people, and Buddhism. Never show disrespect to them.When calling your Thai love, do not speak in a loud voice and you had better speak in a normal tone of voice. Moreover, avoid saying something negative. Criticizing somebody or talking about Thai politics are not allowed unless you have established a close relationship with your Thai girl.

Don’t speak too much honeyed words to your Thai love or they may think that you are a playboy. Do not boast what you have and what you do not have. Thai girls prefer a man who loves them and dislike dishonest men even though they have a big wealth.

Ask about her family and parents when chatting with your Thai woman. Thai girls are family-oriented and she wants to know that you care about her family and parents. If you are going to marry, she hopes all of her family members like you. You can also send her little and inexpensive gifts from time to time. This can make her very happy and let her know that you are thinking of her.

Thai girls are a little conservative and please do not touch them without their permission. When you meet her in Thailand, respect her and care for her. If you have not decided to establish a long-term relationship or marry her, you had better not visit her family. She does not like to lose face if you finally break up and leave her.

Take her for lunch or go to movies when you date your Thai girl. Don’t send her chocolate because Thai women are hot Asian girls and they don’t want to be overweight. Take every date with her seriously. When going out with her, dress neatly and be polite to everyone. Do not drink or smoke a lot. She hopes you are healthy.

March 21, 2012

To See the Uniqueness of Thai Culture

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Thailand is a marvelous place with beautiful landscapes and unique culture, attracting thousands of visitors every year. And pretty Thai girls are one of the main attractions. Many western single men fly to Thailand, especially Pattaya and Phuket, with the purpose to come across their dreamed Thailand women. Then, how to catch the attention of Thai girls? Taking initiative to know about Thai culture is the must since Thai ladies always hold a good feeling towards those guys who perfectly know their culture and custom. In the proceeding paragraphs, I am about to introduce you the unique Thai culture from diverse perspectives.

First of all, let’s get close to the Thai culture in Bangkok.

Bangkok in Thailand

Bangkok, the main city of Thailand.

It is publicly known that Bangkok is the main city of Thailand and it used to be the Thai capital. That’s to say, this place has a lot to observe. The main feature of Bangkok refers to the Thai Buddhist temples, interesting museums and many example of ancient Thai architecture. Every time when you are standing in front of these buildings, you can not help sighing their beauties. These symbolic architectures converge the wisdom of Thai people. These places are something that you’re reluctant to miss, or you’ll regret.

Secondly, we drop an eye on Thai classical dance.

Thai Classical Dance

Thai Classical Dance, the most inspiring culture in Thailand.

Thailand covers various kinds of cultures, including its deep-rooted Buddhist religion, martial arts, exquisite crafts as well as beautiful Thai clothing. However, the most inspiring Thai culture should be the inspiring local music and wonderful Thai dances, performed by gracious Thai girls dressing in beautiful Thai local costumes. The classical dance is also the must-have experience for the global visitors to Thailand. Even in modern society, these distinctive Thai dances still prevails among the younger generations. Many resort areas and hotels frequently show this special culture to foreign visitors.

Thirdly, let’s focus on Thai greeting.

Thai wai

Thai Wai, the distinctive greeting across the world.

If you want to quickly and effectively reach your dreamed Thailand girl, you must take priority to know the customized Thai greeting. As one of the greatest aspects of Thai culture, the Wai uses the unique Thai gesture to greet another person-Join both hands to either head or chest level while bending their head slightly towards their hands.

Such a way of greeting is particularly done when a younger person greets an elder. It is a sign of respect. Besides, the Wai is used by the employees to show greetings to the superior or manager even though the superior or manager is younger than them. In Thailand, seniority of the other person needs to be respected.

March 13, 2012

Dancing In Thailand

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Are you a dancing lover? The Thai girls are! Most girls in this country have a lively fancy to dance. They love to move bodies happily and enjoyably to the music. In Thai, the traditional dance can be mainly divided into tow types, the classical dancing and folk dancing, both of which are popular with the tourists having leisure time in Thai.

Thai classical dancing originated from a kind of religion dancing of the south India about three hundred years ago, which can be always seen in religious occasions or some great ceremonies. It is subtle and complicated with every step indicating some special meaning. The female dancers are required to dress in special costumes that are made of soft Thai silks with some bling-bling and the “hat” they wearing is like a golden pagoda reflecting religious belief. Besides the performers should wear no shoes on. The music is slow and rhythmical. Hands play very important role in the dance, expressing different meaning by hand movements. For example, show love with two hands crossing before chest and express outrageousness with a forefinger pointing to the ground. The beautiful Asian women dancers are also a great part of the show to be appreciated. They move slowly and softly and look at you with a shy and charming smile.

Khon dancing in Thailand

Khon Dancing


Lacorn Dancing in Thailand

Lacorn Dancing

There are two famous classical dances. One is named Khon. Dancers should wear different masks and costumes to identify status or positions. The other is called Lacorn, in which dancers have no need to cover their faces up.

Thai folk dancing is also loved by many Thailand women. And its performance forms are richer and variable, which include dancing for wedding, dancing for harvest, dancing for blessing and farmer’s dancing. In the Thai wedding party, the host would like to invite the local dancing group to entertain guests and enliven the happy atmosphere. Farmer’s dancing chiefly represents how the Thai women worked in land in the old time.Then during the harvest season, people will get together dancing to share the happiness for great ingathering of the year. Dancing for blessing happens in the end of a party or get-together, everybody joining in, twirling and waving hands joyfully.

So you can see how Thai people love dance! They show their love, sadness, happiness, religion and life in dancing. If you get the chance to travel in Thailand, do remember to have a look at these beautiful and characteristic dances. Also, you can make some Thai friends and learn dancing from them if you really feel interested in Thai dance.